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The Retail Forum
30th April 2014, Whittlebury Hall

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Latest Newsletter -

In our first newsletter of 2014, we are proud to announce that in April Snowdon Tate turns 10 years old! Thank you so much to all of you in our community for your support and encouragement over these years and for being central to our story. So we thought it was apt to focus our first newsletter of 2014 on story-telling in business. .
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Storytelling - Breakfast Event

On 17th October 2013 Snowdon Tate hosted a breakfast for a group of business leaders at the Dorchester in London, under the Chatham House rule, to discuss the importance of storytelling in business and to share their own personal stories.
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Executive Search

Talent Mapping

As the economic revival gathers pace, we are seeing some of the best and most talented people rainsing their heads and looking around at career opportunities for the first time in eighteen months. As they do this, they will be selective and cautious in how they engage with the market. Their focus will be on what is right for their career and the recession has led many to put more emphasis on culture than ever before.

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Why Talent Mapping?

Some of our clients are choosing to anticipate this by engaging with us to help in talent mapping.

Talent mapping has always been a great way of creating a "bench" of high calibre individuals who are probably not looking to move immediately but become part of a readily accessed pool of talent when a company may need to draw on it.

At its core this is of course simply about looking at key business roles where the company may have a requirement in the short/medium term. We help to identify where the best talent is and we reach out to have a conversation.

The methodology

Our discussions revolve around the individual, their career aspirations and the type of business they may be interested in.

We don't seek to sell a role but rather to raise the profile of our client, sharing information about them as a prospective future "home".

We then look to maintain contact over time with these key individuals, waiting for the time when our client's need is urgent and/or the targeted individuals show signs of looking for a move.


Now more than ever...

Why talent mapping can be so much more effective now is because great people simply do not want to be spending time constantly fielding recruiters' calls about jobs; they want to know that their needs are understood and that they are engaged with one or two businesses whose values and ambitions may match their own at some point.

Our clients see this as something of real value, building their brand as a potential employer and making it more likely that they can get critical talent quickly when they need it.

The right solution for you?

To find out more about our Talent Mapping process, please contact the partners via:

or call us on 01494 687 030